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Namaste and Welcome to Wake Up! Reiki Life Transformation Center. This center has been created and founded by Angelique Fowler, RMT, DD to support and aid you in your personal life transformation program. We facilitate Spiritual Awakening by helping you remember who you really are. We use the vehicles of Reiki Energy Work, Spiritual Mentoring and Training, Guided Meditation, Self Realization and Metaphysical Education to uncover your True Nature.


We are passionate about helping you reach your highest potential and Realization of Self.


We currently offer a la carte internet classes. We also offer personalized telephone and live sessions with Doctor of Divinity and Reiki Master Angelique Fowler, Founder of Wake Up Reiki.


Angelique has been a clairsentient/clairvoyant energy worker since birth. Her grandmother started training her to heal using energy and intention at age 8. Angelique is an attuned 5th Dimensional Reiki Teacher, Spiritual Teacher and Kriyaban Yogi. She has facilitated mass life change in many clients by helping them shift their perspective of themselves & the world.


She also is a product of her own passion and inner work. She has completely changed her own life using all of the above mentioned tools to overcome a lifetime of abuse and trauma.


Receive some support immediately by visiting our Enlightenment Center now. There we have a collection of self help articles. Stay informed faster by signing up for our Newsletter!


Reiki Energy Healing Sessions, Crystal Healing, Raindrop Essential Oils Therapy, Chakra Healing Kit - System, Reiki Distance HealingServices

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By Appointment Only. Weekend and Evening appointments available. Appointment locations: Virtual, Phone, Hotchkiss & Carbondale, CO.