Angelique FowlerDr. Angelique Fowler, Reiki Master/Teacher, Author, Speaker, Spiritual Teacher, Group Alchemist, Magical Transformer of All That No Longer Serves:


I've always been known as "Angel" by all my friends and family.


Ever since I can remember I have been able to feel other's pain, see Spirits & Angels. I talk to "other realms" just as easily as I can talk to you. My Universal Messaging power is a natural God Given ability that I have been blessed with and choose to use to help others grow.


I love to impart tools of Empowerment to all who will listen and participate. I love to write & teach Classes & hold Seminars. I love group dynamics & find that Group Healing events are highly transformational for each individiual.


I am able to move energies that no longer serve away from large groups of people & to bring Spiritual messages to the group for further transformation. I enjoy watching all earthbound brothers & sisters around me grow & blossom into their fullest potential.


I am here in this body to help YOU realize YOUR full potential!


My Reiki Lineage comes directly from Dr. Mikao Usui himself. I am a 12th generation Usui Tibetan Facilitator and a member of Dr. Mikao Usui's line. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and I have channeled my own updated version of Reiki called 5D. This is the form of Reiki that I teach. I am also known as the Essential Oil Lady & Crystal Mistress. I find these tools combine powerfully with Reiki to aid in transformations


I have been steeped in Essential Oil Chemistry Classes, deep practice on myself, others & family to overcome some major body challenges. I can set up Crystal grids to clean, clear & heal quicker than Flash Gordon!


I am also an Ordained Universalist Pastor, thus the Dr. in front of the name.


The best description of my energies would be MetaPhysician! I am conscious of over 3.000 years worth of healing & magical Universal Knowledge.


Mantra: To Help, To Heal, To Enlighten - Everyone.


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