Kriya Meditation Training Sessions:

I have spent the last 8 years learning the ancient art of Kriya Yoga through Paramanhansa Yogananda's organization.

Through this deeply inward journey, I have gained the tools to understand and control my own life force energy (pranayam) via the breath (pranyama). This gives practitioners the power over their conscious, superconscious and even their own subxonscious minds.

There are specific tools and techniques to be imparted here to anyone willing to learn. Individual private instruction is available upon request. This is where we work together one on one to create a unique meditation and yoga routine to fit your current situation and energy doshic make up.

Group classes also available using all precautions per our CoVid19 Policy.

Kriya Meditation Facts:

  1. Kriya Benefits:
    Cleans clears and stregthens the brain.
  2. Elevates you from human consciousness to cosmic consciousness (our ultimate goal)
  3. Integrates you with your own Master Within, True Nature or Soul. You become moreof YourSELF!
  4. Provides you with a direct inner experience of your own Light, Power and Unlimited Loving Self.
  5. Crushes your EGO, which is why we perceive that we have "problems" in life.
  6. Journey from the victim mentality (life happens TO ME) to the victor in life (life and it's experiences happen FOR ME)

Our Staff:

We would like to introduce you all to our Spiritually attuned staff. They are all amazing in their own talents. Please click on their individual Links to connect with your Teacher &/or Facilitator Today!

Angelique Fowler

Dr. Angelique Fowler, RMT

Location: Virtual/Worldwide

Passionate Path: Founder of Wake Up Reiki, The Wake Up Healer's Consortium, Author, Speaker & Spiritual Teacher. All things Magic & Magical happen when Angel is around!

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Angel Moon

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