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Online White Light Connection Workshop:


Is your reality challenging right now? Feeling "out of sorts", depressed or just stuck?

Learn how to easily allow a full spectrum White Light Connection. Learn how to easily transform heavy, low energies inside or outside your body into highs (love). By increasing your allowing of the White Light, you allow more Love into your life. Mass reality change will happen by practicing White Light Sessions often. Learn how to become your own Master & realize the answers to all your questions during White Light Sessions.

Feel happier, relaxed, joyful and very wise!


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White Light Workshop




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Online Chakra Cleansing Workshop:


This online chakra cleansing workshop is a educational guided jouney through the basic 7 energy centers of the body or chakras. You will download your chakra material in pdf format. After studying that information then click on the Chakra Healing Meditation and listen to that to actually receive a deep healing and cleansing for all 7 of your chakras. The meditation is Reiki enhanced so you may feel tingling, hot, cold or numb sensations throughout the meditation. This is just what it feels like to release your old negative baggage away from your chakras. Just let go and let it happen.


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Chakra Cleansing Workshop