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InterDimensional Reiki II Class 3/14/2020 10am - 6pm


Prereqs: Level I Reiki

In Interdimensional space, time is an illusion. Everything is happening in the singular moment of now. This is the lesson in this Reiki class. Learn how to span space/ time and realize your unlimited healing & love potential. We are all connected on the Spiritual Plane through the vehicle of Universal Love. This class provides you an experience & training on this level. You receive a Wake Up! Reiki School certificate of completion. Full payment is due at time of purchase. All monies except $50 are refundable for an Act of God cancellation. The $50 is retained for purchase of class materials. Class size limit is 10 students, so hurry, classes fill fast! After payment, you will be returned to a classes page to fill out your personal contact information.

Reiki II Class - $250 -- Carbondale 03/14/2020 at A Spiritual Center 520 S. 3rd Street, Room 31, Carbondale


Pre-Pay Reiki II Class ($250)

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