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Inter Dimensional Reiki Level I Class: 07/18/20 10am - 6pm


Reiki is far older than everybody thinks. It was used extensively in Atlantis, Lemuria & Mu


In these times Reiki was used in combination with crystals, oils, very ancient symbols & mantras.


This is the style of Reiki you will be learning.


We still use the Usui baseline symbols. However, we are adding back in the more ancient knowledge, meditations & techniques.


Prereqs: Your Intent To Ascend Rapidly into Love & Self Mastery.


  • *Rapidly increase your personal vibrations making you feel loving & happy

  • *Integrate the Ego & Open the Heart

  • *Be a Conduit for Love on Earth

  • *Develop your Natural Psychic Abilities

  • *Heal Yourself, Others, Animals & Plants


Begin your ascension into your Truest Nature by becoming attuned to Inter Dimensional Reiki! After this class, your heart will be opened enough to start transforming the Ego-Self (past & future) back into Love! Within this class you will learn to be a conduit for the singular moment of now (love) to express through you! Realize all of your natural psychic abilities. They become augmented and refined through the attunement and training process. All class materials are provided. You receive a Wake Up! Reiki School certificate of completion. Full payment is due at time of purchase. All monies except $50 are refundable for an Act of God cancellation. The $50 is retained for purchase of class materials. Classes fill fast!.

You are booking a physical class that will be held in or around Paonia, CO.



Reiki I Class - $200 -- 07/18/20 10am - 6pm at Blacklight Studios 208 Main St., Paonia, CO 81428


Pre-Pay Reiki I Class ($200)

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