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A flower has its own sensuality.  When we see one, we want to blissfully experience it through our senses, to touch it, smell it, see it up close & make it personal.  It is in this way that I experience Life, and through this experience I have dedicated my life's work to empowering others to do the same and be their full ecstatic selves through recognizing their own pleasure within their rhythmic cycles.  Through studying the connection of our moon cycles to our personal biorhythms, how it relates to goddess folklore in ancient cultural mythology to modern day storytelling, we learn so much about ourselves, our collective and personal Spirits and Psyche.

I explore these realms on energetic and physical levels, practicing Chi Nei Tsang, Reiki, Tantra, holistic health and plant medicine, realizing the Oneness of all life forms through these modalities which have helped heal my family, friends, clients and myself from many ailments which westernized medicine has often deemed as incurable auto immune disorders and disease. Extreme self care and self knowledge have become a potent learning curve for me in moving out of a life of constant pain and sickness, and it is my great purpose is to share this with others as well as healing ourselves from cultural, sexual, and birth traumas.  

I am forever passionate about natural birth and breastfeeding, natural intuitive parenting and healing ourselves through healing our children, both Inner and Outer through art, movement, and the Wisdom of Mother Earth through our central Voice, which collectively was forgotten, but collectively we are accessing once again, we can be healed with the Wisdom of our Cycles, the gifts of the Earth and the Moon, and our inherent connection to them.  I am offering hands on healing intuitive and energy work in my studio in Glenwood Springs, and remote intuitive healing work via phone and Skype.

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